Trade Agent

Trade Agent

What is a sales agent?

We analyze whether your product is suitable for online and offline market sales and open the way to increase sales by setting selling points according to information such as ethnic composition, age group, theme, and trend for each sales channel.

In addition, we plan market-leading items by developing systematic products and contents and provide the most important sales channels.

1. Counseling and consulting

Accurately understand product and analyze the strengths and marketing points of our products.

2. Product market and competitive

The market is already established.
Recognized competitors by customers by preoccupying the market are clearly different.
Analytics is the foundation of sales.

3. Establishment of marketing strategy

We plan a brand marketing concept for our products and establish a marketing plan on a quarterly basis so that immediate sales can be made at the time of product launch.

4. Negotiation on product price

Analyze the market price based on the analyzed product keywords, by measuring the consumer price that matches the analyzed market price, Negotiate the final product price.

5. Offline and online sales

To ensure that sales can proceed immediately in line with the product launch date, we secure sales channels through our existing customers and improve profitability in the mid- to long-term by improving product composition, strengthening product power, changing organization and promotion, and expanding mobile products.

6. Logistics (Optional)

Through a customized computerized system (WMS), we provide top-class logistics services such as storage, inventory management, and delivery of goods that customers need for logistics.